zagrebchanka (zagrebchanka) wrote,

Стихи к Дню мамы

Юлька мне их прочитала сегодня с утра, хотя Мамин День завтра. А стихи трогательные, особенно, когда их читает дочка да еще и на английском:)

I'm Trying So Hard

I'm trying so hard
To be really good,
And do all the things
I know that I should.

But, I'm just a kid, Mom,
I'm messy and slow,
I don't eat my veggies,
And I'll clean my room, I know!

And I don't pick my toys up,
And I don't like my bath,
I'm trying to learn my spelling,
And I need help with my Math.

So, you're stuck with me, Mom,
And I'm a lot of work, I know.
But I'm sure that you will help me
As I learn new things and grow.

I won't always be so messy.
Some day I might be neat.
And then I won't hide my veggies
Every time I eat!

My room might end up tidy,
I won't complain about a bath,
Some day I'll teach you how to spell
And I'll be a genius at my Math.

But that might take a long, long time,
Cause, I'm still a kid you see.
I've got to grow up for a while,
Then I'll make you proud of me.

So, thanks for understanding,
Like Mothers always do,
And for taking me the way I am
I will always love you.
Tags: дети, процесс воспитания, стихи
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