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еще немного про Конкордию

нашли второй черный ящик. Где-то вчера я прочитала, что капитан, удирая с судна, попытался черный ящик с собой прихватить. Теперь он уверяет, что не бросал корабль...ага
вот что говорит СиЭнЭн
The announcement came on the same day that Italy's Coast Guard said it has located a second "black box," or data recorder, from the ship that wrecked off Italy's western coast Friday evening.
Operations were under way to retrieve the recorder, said Coast Guard Warrant Petty Officer Massimo Macaroni.
Information from the device, along with that from another that has already been recovered and is being analyzed by prosecutors, will provide authorities with "a complete picture of how the disaster unfolded," Macaroni said.
Meanwhile, an Italian newspaper printed excerpts of a conversation between the captain and coast guards on shore during the incident.
Capt. Francesco Schettino gave contradictory answers about whether he had abandoned the ship, prompting authorities on shore to instruct him to return to it.

"Commander, this is an order. Now I am in charge. You have abandoned ship," the unnamed coast guard says, telling him to go back to the vessel and coordinate rescue efforts.

Prosecutor Francesco Verusio confirmed that the partial conversation printed in Corriere della Serra matched a transcript prosecutors had.

сволочь какая!
И еще...28 человек считаются пропавшими без вести. Выросло их количество...ужасно.
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